Our Condolence and Bereavement Wall Mural/Blankets provides a warm loving environment for the reflective moments that we all have about a lost love. These special personalized items are suitable for a variety of uses, which helps to make them an item that is appreciated and admired year round, nobody ever gets tired of seeing somebody that they truly love and miss dearly. This custom professionally designed and personalized item is not offered anywhere else and is therefore exclusive to us.

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This tribute gift will memorialize the dearly departed and comfort those left behind quite unlike anything else. These blankets help those who own one, to cope with their loss and it serves as a cherished year round reminder of a loved one no matter how recent or not the loss has been.

Just think how they will never ever forget YOU or YOUR act of kindness and thoughtfulness every time they see and enjoy using their bereavement blanket with their loved one in the months, years and decades to come.

Be a real hero and true friend, while expressing your sincere condolences and heartfelt sympathy. It’s real easy and affordable to do because we do all the work.

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And it is very affordable because its a great gift from a group of friends, co-workers or family members.

Our Condolence and Bereavement Blankets imparts fond memories on a daily basis and helps through the grieving process and for many many years beyond. Our bereavement blankets are beautiful and soft to the touch. These blankets make great condolence gifts for anybody who has lost a loved one. Proudly made in America.

Your thoughtful bereavement gift of a condolence blanket will be around long after a wreath of flowers has wilted or a basket of fruit has been consumed.

This comforting, long lasting blanket will allow them to remember the beautiful legacy and memories of a loved one.The warm and comforting feeling they’ll get when wrapped up with their bereavement blanket and comforted by the loving embrace of their cherished memories will be indescribable.

These condolence/bereavement blankets are special, unique and make great condolence gifts, because the final image is sublimated into the blanket and will last forever.

The size, softness, thickness and quality of our bereavement gift blanket means it has a tremendous impact when first seen by the grief stricken loved one(s) left behind.

Our tribute blanket is machine-washable, non-fading, will last forever and is designed to be cherished and much appreciated for a lifetime.

It is sure to become a much treasured family heirloom to be passed on for generations to come.


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