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Please Pay Close Attention: If you or someone you love has cancer! Why………..Because, the only difference between a problem and an inconvenience is that a problem (cancer) is only a problem because you have no good answer. The key answer that you need, which will only be found here, DOES (at a minimum) turn cancer into just an inconvenience!

Who Am I And Why Can I Say That?

Please allow me to introduce myself! My name is J. Dean and, this is really personal and embarrassing but I need to be honest with you-I’m a lifelong smoker. I watched my mother die from breast cancer when I was 16, her cancer metastasized and eventually killed her. I’m now 45. My dad had a bad scare 18 years ago with a cancerous kidney, which was removed. His cancer hadn’t metastasized so he’s now a healthy, active 80+ year old. Then the day we all dread came for me! During an annual medical exam, my doctor saw something suspicious on my chest X-ray and knowing that I was a smoker, sent me for a CAT scan.

Can you imagine the indescribable fear I felt and the anxiety I suffered, knowing I might have LUNG CANCER?


Was I scared? You bet!  I was a useless wreck! Worse yet, I had seen the devastation that cancer causes 1st hand.

Did I want to go for the CAT scan….hell NO! Why….because, who wants to hear bad news! Did I go for the CAT scan? Well…YES, but only because my wife forced me to and I was really hoping they’d give her peace of mind by saying it was nothing.
Did we get peace of mind, nope. What we got was that awful middle ground “Your scan shows a spot that we’re not sure about, so come back for a follow-up scan in 6 months.”
Those were the longest and most nerve-wracking 6 months of my wifes’ life! Why….because, as a nurse, she knew that if it was lung cancer, even if it had not metastasized, I was probably a walking “dead-man!”

But I was determined not to let my wife watch me die an awful agonizing death from cancer.

I knew I would need an effective alternative cancer treatment that would keep me alive! I didn’t know what was or where to find an effective alternative cancer treatment plan -but I knew what it WASN’T

  • It wasn’t chemo if metastasis had occurred
  • It wasn’t going to be some hocus-pocus snake oil or one of the 99 alternative treatments being touted all over the internet
  • It wasn’t going to be some miracle cure that was being used in the rest of the world but was being suppress in the United States by the evil demonic pharmaceutical industry
  • And it wasn’t likely to be an offshore clinic in some strange foreign country, even if I could afford it!

Common sense and the lack of credible scientific proof told me that if those were my only options, I might as well just get my affairs in order then go buy a nice suit for my wife to bury me in!

The 5-year survival rate for metastasized cancer of any origin is almost ZERO despite what current medical science has to throw at the problem. Current medicine does a decent job dealing with localized cancer, but if it metastasizes….its pretty much “game over!”

 To make a long story short, I’d be dead in 6 months and if I got lucky 2-3 years at MOST if I didn’t find an answer. The sad reality is that the medical establishment just doesn’t have good treatment options for metastasized cancer no matter what the origin.

So I went on a mission to save myself because desperation is probably the greatest motivator there is. The problem was the internet is a great source of information for alternative cancer treatments. But you have to sift and sort through a lot of false claims, hype and outright lies. 

I found loads of books and sites offering anywhere from one single product that cures every disease known to mankind to other websites offering “2-200 alternative cancer treatments” and infinitely more websites touting miracle cancer cures using herbs from the Amazon Rain Forest or some root from the mountains of Tibet. Guess what? Common sense and this site ( told me that the above options just weren’t likely to keep me alive.

So….let me be honest with you. I was in your position looking for a truly viable answer and was ready to fall victim to many of the claims that you I’m sure you have also come across. However, something just kept on telling me that those claims and endorsements wouldn’t save my life. I just had a hard time believing that something that was already being promoted as a cure and was proven the world over just somehow hadn’t made its way to the USA.

 You probably already know this if your mind works anything like mine. There is no one magic pill or secret drug out there that can cure your cancer or keep you alive. If you believe otherwise, then you are fooling yourself.

I knew I couldn’t afford to be stupid or gullible because………….

There Was The TERROR That Filled Me At The Thought Of My Cancer Metastasizing…

Do you know that if you have metastasized cancer of any origin, whether it’s lung, brain, breast, liver or colon cancer and do 3 rounds of chemo or 7 rounds of chemo! Odds are its Game over, man. Pull down the shades, make your funeral arrangements, and say good-bye to your family and friends. 

Will I did! Having seen it 1st hand as a 16 yr old, the cruelest thing of all is that the only uncertain thing now is WHEN and how long before the metastasized cancer will prevail…not IF. 

I Was Determined To Find An Alternative Cancer Treatment Protocol That Actually Works. For No Other Reason Than My Life Depended On It.

I Almost Gave Up. I Almost Resigned Myself To The Fact That I’d Be Dead In 6 Months. I Was Consumed By Fear, Dread,  Anxiety And  Anger.

But I put all those emotions to work and I Was Finally Able To Piece Together What I Was Looking For: A Simple, Effective, Downright Cheap Treatment Protocol, With Few If Any Side Effects, That Would  

Put A Gun To Cancer’s Head, Pull The Trigger And Give Me Back The Health, Zest For Life And Peace Of Mind That I Was Longing For.

 Let Me Tell You About My ” Eureka” Moment When I Finally Put Together…… The Answer!

I consider myself to be an intelligent person. Therefore, I really believed that after many many decades of waging war on cancer there had to be legitimate, valid and credible studies that revealed an alternative cancer treatment protocol that would give me a fantastic chance to cure my cancer but for whatever reason hadn’t been pursued by Big Pharma.

After untold hundreds if not thousands of hours of searching the web and reading study after study my efforts were rewarded and my prayers answered when I found several real peer reviewed studies supported by hundreds more, that put together for me a genuine, scientifically validated treatment program that was virtually certain to at a minimum stop it in it tracks if not outright cure it, if I executed the protocol properly!

What about the science behind them? The science was so compelling, that several researchers recommended, just a part of the protocol-not even the entire protocol-not just as an alternative cancer treatment…or as a last hope, but actually as a 1st line treatment protocol! Here is what they had to say!

“We predict that this alternative cancer treatment approach will be more successful than current approaches because it is based on the principles of evolutionary biology and metabolic control analysis”

But since I was dealing with MY life….or death, even that wasn’t good enough for me-I needed to see as many studies as I could find that not only backed those up but also enhanced the effectiveness of the treatment protocol.

Cancer is no easy enemy to defeat, so I kept on searching. Sure enough, everything I found not only strongly supported the original studies, but significantly increased the potency of the treatment protocol-WOW!
But, since I’m the kinda guy who believes that proof is determined by data that is INDEPENDENTLY VERIFIED and SUBSTANTIATED, I hired a Ph.D. scientist to professionally review the studies and to locate any research that contradicted the findings.

Here is what the actual researcher had to say!

“When J. Dean contacted me to research and write this book for him I was very skeptical. I looked at the 2 studies he had found and thought “this is not enough to support using this protocol as a cancer treatment and as a scientist I cannot possibly recommend this!”
But when I really got into the research and saw how many studies had been done and some of the miraculous results, I was definitely convinced that he was onto something. I fully stand behind this book and am confident that it works to kill cancer.Karen Vieira, PhD – Biomedical Sciences”

“Why would I do that you ask?” Well I enjoy sleeping peacefully at night and not wanting my wife to painfully watch me die from cancer it was well worth the investment to know that I was in a position to “Stop Any Cancer Long Enough To Die From Old Age Instead.”
But I like to be sure so I looked at how The American Cancer Society (ACS) evaluates mainstream and alternative cancer treatments. They do this by asking three questions:

1) Has the method been objectively demonstrated in the peer-reviewed scientific literature to be effective?
2) Has the method shown potential for benefit that clearly exceeds the potential for harm? 
3) Have objective studies been correctly conducted under appropriate peer review to answer these questions? 

I knew that in order to survive I would have to be able to answer those questions with a resounding YES! Every single piece of information I saw reinforced my conviction that this truly would give me a great chance at staying alive if current mainstream protocols like surgery, chemo and radiation failed.

Which begs the question…..If this is so great how come I haven’t heard about? I asked the very same question! Well the answer is really very simple……but 1st let me share something else with you.
My wife is a Nurse as is my eldest daughter, my other daughter is a Pharmacist, my sister is a Medical Doctor and one of my brothers was a Marketing Guru for Big Pharma. So, I’m not here to bash Big Pharma or the Medical Establishment, because if the truth be told they have been very good to my family!

So, what the book shows you how to do, is what their research scientist have known for decades. That cancer can be defeated if the right METHOD is used.

Have you ever heard about the drug called Avastin®? Well if you haven’t, it is the 1st of a new class of angiogenesis (the formation of new blood vessels) inhibitors. Cancers don’t need blood vessels to grow! Cancer needs the nutrients that the blood vessels provide in order to grow. Research scientists have proven this over and over again for decades.

The book goes in to specific details how you can do the same thing quickly, cheaply and most importantly very EFFECTIVELY! Why does it work? Because the 70+years of clinical science is absolutely overwhelming.

But guess what?….Big Pharma must make business decisions like everybody else. And there is no Big Pharma business person in their right mind that would spend millions to educated Medical Doctors or the General Public about a cheap and effective treatment protocol-that has been validated by THEIR Scientist time and time again-but it has zero potential to add to Big Pharma’s bottom-line.

They just aren’t going to do it, especially when they are busily at work trying to come up with more patentable and expensive drugs that do the same thing.

Big Pharma is well aware of how this protocol works….they just haven’t figured out a way, YET, to devise a patentable drug that works close to a 100% of the time(as this does) in most if not all cancers. So there is nothing in the book that research scientist do not know, there just hasn’t been any incentive to educate the general public or medical community.

So Here Is What This Is All About!

If you have cancer of any origin, no matter how aggressive it is, or even if it has metastasized, YOU DON’T have to be DEAD in 2 months or in 2 years.


Quite the contrary, the book will provide you with a protocol, that is a systemic plan that will track down and kill cancer anywhere in the body.  Once you read the pages upon pages of science you too will understand why!


It doesn’t matter if you have untreatable or treatable cancer. Whether you have metastasized cancer, or it is still localized. It doesn’t matter the origin (lung, breast, liver, pancreas, etc)! You will be able to put cancer into full retreat in 30 days or less before during or after chemo if you execute the treatment protocol.

The bottom line is that what you now have available to you is a clinically researched system that eliminates cancer and is backed by thousands of hours of clinical studies by Big Pharma scientist. This is a very effective and potently powerful cancer treatment and healing system, which very few-actually too few-cancer victims even know exists!

Could you go ahead and invest the time and resources that I did? Sure you could…and hope to get lucky along the way. Well you won’t have to nor do you need to get lucky. The mere fact that you’re reading this tells you that this is a moment of true serendipity.

Here are the stone cold facts:

1) The scientific truth of the matter is cancer, like every other cell, requires energy to survive, which it gets from glucose.
2) Scientist in labs all over the world have known this for 7 decades.
3) If your blood glucose level is normal or above then your cancer is being fed so it’s “game over.” And you stand practically zero chance of beating the disease. That is why it is virtually impossible to beat cancer through dieting alone!

But you have no worries, because it doesn’t have to be that way. Revealed in the book, is the life saving and life extending multi prong strategy that will outright cure it!

Let’s face the facts folks! It is impossible to stop cancer by standing on your head for a couple hours a day, taking a vacation to Hawaii or eating grapes all day long. If it was that simple you wouldn’t be read this!

 This protocol works….IF you execute it! And it does so with none of the side-effects that are commonly associated with the existing mainstream treatment protocols like disfiguring surgery, hair loss or just feeling like crap for 3 months.

This is all bona-fide legitimate science

The book reveals the combination of Mother Nature’s not so secret weapon, FDA approved drugs and a lethal trojan horse, that will beat back any cancer no matter the origin, even if it has metastasized, is considered untreatable, or is just out of control.

All of this in 30 days or less when you start Right Now!

Either one individually won’t do you much good, but in tandem with each other the “three headed monster” is absolutely deadly and effective against any and all cancer cells that use energy. They ALL use energy by the way.

Look, let’s face the facts! About 70% of people who are stricken with cancer, at some point consider an alternative cancer treatment. If you want to take your chances with one of the dozens of discredited quack cures out there, or on some miracle herb in the form of a pill from the Amazon Rain Forest….then good luck to you.

Anybody you know who has already committed to trying an alternative cancer treatment will appreciate getting this info! Why because the book introduces…..

Introducing The Only Scientifically and Evolutionary Legitimate Alternative Cancer Treatment For You Or Someone You Love That Will…….

Put Your Cancer On The Run, In 30 Days Or Less, Before, During Or After Chemo!

If your life is worth a “hill of beans” This is A critical “must read” book with 70 years of proven live saving science behind it

Do yourself a HUGE favor, OK?  Read the book! And don’t be selfish, share it with everybody you know. After you read it you’ll understand why they’ll be very appreciative.

 The Info In The Book Is Just Not Available Anywhere Else. Trust me on this…after all some you love life’s is at stake
Here’s some unsolicited feedback that I got from my Brother in Law’s ex girl friend who I shared this powerful info with….and this was before I decided to have the book properly researched and written:

J,thanks for the info. Ever since I was diagnosed with this damn breast cancer many people have offered alternative cancer treatments for me to consider. This is the 1st one that I’ve seen that’s backed by real scientific studies. Thanks so much….having this knowledge has made me feel so much better. Thanks again!



Let me stress; This is the real deal, from real researchers!
Look, my objective when I started doing my research wasn’t to find a cure for cancer. My objective was simply to be able to stop cancer from killing me. And I was lucky enough to find it. This treatment protocol will give YOU the BEST IF NOT THE ONLY chance to do just that.

So tell me…what’s it worth to you to have life-saving info at your finger tips? Do you have life insurance?  Home insurance? Auto insurance? This is like those!   You can’t afford NOT to have it!

What is this caliber of information worth to you? Well for me personally it was worth thousands of $$$s and countless hours.

If you currently have cancer and are under a death sentence, you’ll find it priceless.

If it’s your Mom, Dad or somebody that’s really close to you, it’s probably worth tens of thousands of $$$ to you.

Look, I don’t want you to have to ask the question “If only I had known just how powerful this info is?”

Because, you may not know this. But a new cancer drug that only extends your life by 2-3 months is considered a “blockbuster breakthrough cancer drug!” This protocol will get you many many more months, if not outright curing it, without the nasty side effects!

This protocol, at a MINIMUM, kills cancer cells faster than they can grow so you’ll be always be at least one step ahead of your cancer. Because its not cancer that kills…its the uncontrolled growth and spread of cancer that kills!

So I’ve committed to making sure that EVERYONE has access to this life extending and life saving information.

But let’s quickly recap what you’re looking at:

  1. Brand new info as of 2016, that at a minimum, will allow you to have cancer under control if not in total and complete remission in only 30 days.
  2. We show you the science behind why cancer diets don’t work (if they did cancer would be cured a long time ago)
  3. We reveal and explain the science that makes this protocol The ONLY way to stop your cancer if it is advanced or has metastasized (don’t believe me, then do another round of CHEMO or ask your oncologist what other than chemo they can do for you?)
  4. We provide decades upon decades of clinical proof by scientist around the world as to why this works.
  5. You get the only protocol available ANYWHERE that has this much scientific data and clinical studies to support it. More clinical studies than even the chemo and radiation treatments that are now routinely used.

If your life or the life of your loved one isn’t at a minimum, worth knowing what this protocol is, then all I can say is I’ve done my part…..Goodluck & Godspeed!”

Before I go, please understand that this is not some rehashed debunked protocol that doesn’t work. It is a brand new treatment protocol that just works. And it is probably the ONLY Treatment Option Available ANYWHERE that will SAVE you or them, if you are dealing with metastasized cancer of any origin.

Wishing you great health & much future success,
J. Dean

This book is sold elsewhere for $39 & $49….but you get it absolutely free, after you order your gorgeous healing blanket. You will be emailed a link where you can IMMEDIATELY download the book and start reading it on any of your devices. How can we make that offer you ask? Because we have partnered with the author and negotiated a special deal so that we can offer it as a premium to our customers. So……….what you have here is a Win Win situation where you just can’t lose!

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