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But, Before We Get Ahead Of Ourselves, I expect that you’re asking. Who Am I And What Do I Know About This Subject?

Well, please allow me to quickly introduce myself! My name is J. Dean

and, this is really personal and embarrassing but I need to be honest with you. I was a lifelong smoker with a strong family history of cancer. Both my parents had cancer and unfortunately my Mom died from her breast cancer that had metastasized.

Then the day we all dread came for me! During an annual medical exam, my doctor saw something suspicious on my chest X-ray and knowing that I was a smoker, sent me for a CAT scan.

Well to make a long story short. I was diagnosed with stage 4 metastasized lung cancer. Surgery and chemotherapy were the prescribed therapies.

I knew I was probably a walking “dead-man!” But I was determined not to let my wife watch me die an awful agonizing death from cancer.I knew I would need an effective alternative cancer treatment that would keep me alive! I didn’t know what or where to find an effective alternative cancer treatment plan-but I knew what it WASN’T!

  • It wasn’t going to be some hocus-pocus snake oil or one
    of the 99 alternative treatments being touted all over the internet
  • It wasn’t going to be some miracle cure that was being used in
    the rest of the world but was being suppress in the United States by
    the evil demonic pharmaceutical industry
  • And it wasn’t likely to be an offshore clinic in some strange
    foreign country, even if I could afford it!

Common sense and the lack of credible scientific proof told me that if those were my only options, I might as well just get my affairs in order then go buy a nice suit for my wife to bury me in!