It is easy to get started. Just follow the instructions below.

  1. You MUST tell us the type of background(s) you prefer and what occasion or purpose you intend for the blanket. The more specific the better.
  2. Enter the necessary text e.g. Name, Year, additional text, and the picture(s) that you’d like us to use.
  3. Within 24-48 hours, our gifted and talented designers, will quickly produce and return via email, a minimum of 2-3 stunning designs for your review and critique.
  4. Choose the one that you like the most and feel free to suggest any revisions or changes that you would like to see. Your satisfaction is paramount, so you get unlimited revisions until you’re happy.
  5. Select your final design and blanket size & type.
  6. Submit order and await delivery.

Remember…..All designs and unlimited revisions are free with no obligation required.

You only pay once you are satisfied with the final design and are ready to select your forevermore blanket on our product page.

Production time is anywhere from 1-3 days depending on how busy we are at the time.

We will email you a tracking number once your blanket has shipped. The actual number of shipping days required for your blanket to be delivered will depend on where in the world you request that it be shipped to. Please allow 1-5 shipping days for the USA. We ship worldwide and most countries are delivered within 2 weeks.

Start your NO OBLIGATION design below… deserve to at least SEE the possibilities…plus you’re gonna love how it looks!!

Please note: All design samples that you receive, are embossed with a watermark that will be removed after purchase.

New Design Request Form

  • What exactly are you hoping for?
  • Please wait till all image files have uploaded before submitting your request