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Our talented design team will professionally design your custom condolence blankets, towels, etc with unlimited revisions …
in 3 easy steps!!! Trust us, you won’t find that offer available anywhere else.

Select and purchase the bereavement blanket or other item you’d like.

Upload your picture(s) and input any additional design info.

Seat back & relax because within 24 hours you will have your custom designs (2-3) to choose from.

Get Professionally designed Condolence Gift

Everybody who receive our condolence/bereavement gifts is always very happy and thankful to have gotten it.

Why…Because it is always the most difficult time when you lose a love one.

So no matter the situation, give them a special place in your home and hold them near and dear to your heart.

Our condolence blankets are also great to honor and to show love to the living.

Truth is, we cannot bring them back…bu it does’t mean we should forget them. This blanket easily helps them keep those memories for decades to come.

Keep the spirit of a loved one right there with you, with a beautifully personalized condolence photo blanket that will e there for you whether you drape it over a favorite chair or snuggle up with it on the couch. 

Total time from order to you receiving it, is 7-15 business days, depending on how quickly you approved a design, how busy we are at the time and then shipping is 3-5 days.

The designs come with unlimited revisions and do overs until you are 100% happy & ecstatic!

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ForEverMore Blanket


Loved Ones Deserve a Special Place In The Home. Our Condolence Gifts Last Longer And Cost About The Same As Flowers Or A Fruit Basket. And the best part is, this can go just about everywhere. To the beach, the park, on a picnic, a soccer or football game or just use it as a throw or as a blanket.

Everybody LOVES personalized condolence & bereavement gifts.

So give a gift that will be treasured
FOREVER by the recipient
and the best part is…. they will always remember who gave them that fantastic condolence gift.